First music lessons with Naser Nazar (Tehran)
Violin lessons with Prof. Ebrahim Lotfi (Tehran)
Composition lessons with Prof. Amir H. Eslami, Prof. Sharif Lotfi, Prof. M.R.Tafazzoli, Dr. Hooshyar Khayyam and renowned iranian composer Ahmad Pejman (Tehran)
Research on Persian Traditional Music and Music in the Regions of Iran with Mr.F.Rostami (An old folklore musician who has learned the music without studying at universities but deeply with his heart!)
Because of a composition Masterclass with Johanna Doderer went to Vienna.
has studied composition at the Art University of Tehran.
studied composition in the Prayner Conservatory with Prof. Josef- Stoltz
Studied composition at the MDW University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, with Prof.Dr.Martin Lichtfuss.
Since October 2019
studying with Prof. Detlev Müller-Siemens in MDW.
Since 2017
becomes a member of ÖKB (Austrian Composers' Union)
Composition Masterclass with Prof.Peter Ruzicka (Summer Academy/Mozarteum/Salzburg)
have been invited with 4 others to the InkStillWet Workshop with Mr. Peter Ruzicka and Tonkünstler Orchestra.
“Veins, as tree branches” conducted by the composer and performed by the Tonkünstler Orchestra in the “Ink still wet” workshop in 31 August in “Grafenegg”.

    Work list(2006-present):

  1. Rondo for piano solo (2006-2007)
  2. A movement for string quartet (2008)
  3. Clarinet Quintet (2009)
  4. “Shasusa” for piano trio (2011)
  5. “Yādegāri” short film (2012)
  6. “Dye Stain” for clarinet trio (2013)
  7. “Three drops of Blood” for tenor and ensemble (2013)
  8. “Poem” for Bassoon Solo (2014)
  9. “The Bird and the Lonely Man” for Cello Solo (2015)
  10. “Cercis” for saxophone and vibraphone (2016)
  11. “Quintessential” for Six Musicians (2016)
  12. “Mina” for bassoon solo (2016)
  13. “Cock sings …!” For accordion and cello (2017)
  14. “Gonbad” for cello and Persian architecture (2017)
  15. “Bandari” for Gittare and Marimba (2017)
  16. Work on 3 Persian folk songs for clarinet, cello and piano (2018)
  17. “Mourning Music” for viola solo and string orchestra (2018)
  18. String Quartet Nr.1 (2018): Composed for Alban Berg Ensemble.
  19. Veins, as tree branches for Symphonic Orchestra (2018-19): composed for Tonkünstler Orchestra, “Ink still wet” composing conducting workshop by Mr. Peter Ruzicka
  20. “Karak” for Oboe solo (2019)
  21. “Dagian" for Piano solo, comissioned by Prof. Karoi Nishii (2019-2020)